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CSCFinancialOnline℠: Pioneering Online Due Diligence
The one-stop solution for UCC searching, filing, and monitoring

For the lending, leasing, and legal markets, there is only one trusted company for web-based due diligence: Corporation Service Company® (CSC®). Our thorough Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) searching, filing, tracking, and online portfolio management services—coupled with the most extensive digital database and film library in the industry—makes CSC the one-stop solution for the financial services industry nationwide.

CSCFinancialOnline also makes corporate document retrieval easier for lenders and lessors. Run an online search for Suits, Liens, and Judgments (SLJ), Corporate Name Verification (CNV), and even Certificate of Good Standing, and more, all within one interface.

CSCFinancialOnline requires no contract, no capital investment, no downloading, and no significant ramp-up time. Clients benefit from tapping into the latest and most accurate information available through our real-time searching, filing, and portfolio management services.

A wide range of satisfied customers from commercial bankers and capital financers, to leasing companies and legal firms, trust CSC. Join them, and you’ll be in good company, too.